Dusk One Smart Lighting Is Here

Artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized in most industries these days. The push to develop the advanced technology and continue to improve upon the results are driving companies to research, refine functions, and increase capacities. The difference between AI and automation is that AI machinery can learn from surroundings and automated machinery must be programmed to complete specific tasks.

AI in Lighting

Programmable lamps, timers on light switches, and touch controls have been available for more than a decade. A lamp that learns the habits of occupants, senses daylight hours simply by being plugged in, and saves owners money has not been available. At least not until now. Dusk One smart lighting uses artificial intelligence to create the last lamp needed in any room of the home. Currently there is one model available, but the company is moving forward to present other designs.

Subtle Elegance

The lamp, which is made in the US, combines three materials to blend in or stand out from any type and color of decor. The base is a seamless piece of marble that accentuates the natural beauty of the material. The frame is made of stainless steel. The minimalist appearance is timeless, and the steel requires very little maintenance. A pale linen shade tops of the lamp to give it subtle elegance.

The size and style fits well in the living room, game room, home office, bedroom, and the kitchen table or island. It is also the perfect accent for a hallway, entry, or alcove. This lamp will highlight a small end table, not look out of place on a large dining room table and frame a mantle or bookcase nicely in pairs. The corner of a double sink counter in the bathroom is also suitable for this design and color scheme.

Compliments Existing Systems

The AI features can be easily integrated with whole home automated systems that already provide control assistance for other appliances, door locks, and smart thermostats. This allows homeowners to adjust the lighting via voice recognition or touch. Go online and leave an email address to view the lamp from all angles and to discover pricing.