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The Revolution of Automotive Technology Aims for an Increased Road Safety

Among the new developments in technology that are happening now and are affecting our lives is in the automotive industry. Over the past decades, automobiles have different changes that are very significant. And the reason for this is that vehicle manufacturers are always striving to develop something new on their cars so that they will win over customers. And so, let us present here some benefits that we as users, will get from the latest technology of the automotive industry.

We have to mention the factor of safety as the first benefit we can get out of an enhanced technology of the vehicles today. The improvement of technology has led to an increased car speed which the old cars were not known for. With this increased speed, the probability of incidents may be increased, but shock absorbers, racing suspensions, seat belts and the increased strength of cars, are strategies of the new automotive technology that would prevent or minimize these accidents from happening.

Automotive technology is enhancing the power steering feature of the car, and this proves to be beneficial for car drivers. The positive impact of this is that our reverse parking is now a simpler process, we do not require power when we turn our cars.

Another improvement in our automotive technology today is on the side view mirrors. Compared to the old vehicles without near side view mirrors, contemporary cars now are all fitted with these near side view mirrors. With the installation of these near side view mirrors, the driver is helped while changing lanes, making driving easier and avoiding road accidents.

Another development in the automotive technology today is the production of gear less cars. Changing gears constantly, as in the old cars, become challenging to some drivers, and now this difficulty is answered with the development of cars that can run automatically with just an adjustment of speed that is invented for the car. It is a fact that people in the twilight of their lives and those with limited reflexes would find changing gears difficult, and so with this innovation the possibility of driving a car is offered to them, whereas in the past they were dependent on public transportation.

Then there is the GPS maps which is proving to be an extremely useful innovation in our car technology, with the provision of road maps to lead to your destination. With the inbuilt screen that the driver can view, instead of searching for the address while driving, this makes the travel easier and safer and hazardous incidents can be avoided.

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